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Joints 35mm Splitpins

Price: 9.50

Joints 20mm Screws

Price: 7.00

Joints 50mm Screws

Price: 9.50

Joints 30mm Screws

Price: 8.50

Joints 17mm Screws

Price: 6.00

Joints 45mm Screws

Price: 9.50

Joints 55mm Screws

Price: 10.50

Joints 65mm Screws

Price: 11.50

Joints 65mm Splitpins

Price: 12.00


Price: 4.50

Joints 40mm Screws

Price: 9.00

Joints 25mm 4mmID Splitpins

Price: 9.00

Joints 25mm 3mmID Splitpins

Price: 8.00

We ship to South African addresses only. Standard courier delivery charge is R 100 and we will add it when we send your quote.


Subtotal: 114.50
TOTAL: 114.50